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AIM & Refocus


Our AIM program stands for Achieve, Inspire, and Motivate. It is based on restorative practices to help address student behaviors in order to prevent students from being suspended and/or discharged from our program. When students are assigned to AIM, it is done to help them explore why they did not meet a behavioral expectation during their school day and to strategize ways to assist in their goal of following future expected behaviors.

AIM focuses on Restorative Practices to assist students in reflecting on what occurred and then help them strategize ways to help restore relationships and align their conduct to follow our Four Core Values of Collier Middle School (Respect, Responsibility, Safety, and Kindness).

When an AIM is assigned, the student will participate in a restorative project with a social worker that aligns with their behavioral infraction. Any and all missed classwork will also be a part of the AIM assignment if the infraction results in the student missing more than one period of the day.



Our REFOCUS program is based on our Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports (PBIS) system. Every student is responsible for carrying a core card that tracks whether or not the student is following our four core values of Respect, Responsibility, Safety and Kindness. Students following our core values during class time will receive a teacher’s initials indicating that they are in earning potential. If a student struggles with a core value, then a number corresponding with the core value will be written on their card. If student’s behaviors have resulted in several numbers on the core card, then the student will attend a REFOCUS session with a social worker. The student is required to sign in and will be asked to complete a reflection sheet. The reflection sheet is helpful to encourage students to review their behavior, acknowledge what they were feeling at the time and to strategize ways to prevent future situations.The core card also helps track and identify problem areas the student is experiencing. If students earn on their core card, they are able to enjoy the many Preferred Activities, trips, and special opportunities that Collier Middle School has to offer.


For more information about AIM and Refocus, contact Murae Vogler, LCSW at 732-946-4771 x221 or at