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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I find help navigating the system to get my child placed in an alternative school?  The process has been overwhelming.  
New Jersey’s special education advocacy group, ASAH, provides comprehensive resources to help parents navigate the system.

How diverse are the academics at Collier? 
Collier is well-equipped to serve classified students with all levels of academic ability and a wide range of IQs. We offer college-prep, average, and remedial academic courses as well as vocational programs that meet the educational needs of all students. For more information, please visit our “Academics” page.

Who pays / arranges transportation? 
The sending school district is responsible for both tuition and transportation.

Does Collier have an Extended School Year (ESY) program?
Yes, Collier Middle School offers an ESY that combines structured classroom instruction with hand-on learning and recreation on our beautiful 260-acre campus. For more information about the Middle School ESY, please click here.

Eighth-graders may enroll in either the Middle School ESY (if appropriate) or our High School's JET (Job Experience and Training) Extended School Year program. JET is a life and job skills program designed to help at-risk students become employable and develop into contributing members of the community.

How often is individual and group counseling? 
Students generally meet with their counselor individually at least once each week, and more often at the student's request. Each group therapy session is generally held once a week.

Do you award diplomas? 
The student's official diploma comes from the sending school district. Collier awards graduates a certificate of completion to acknowledge their graduation from Collier Middle School.

What is the ratio of boys to girls?
We currently have a ratio of about 60% boys and 40% girls.

What is the teacher to student ratio? 
Class sizes at Collier Middle School are limited to nine, although many classes often have 5-7 students each.