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Collier Middle School opened its doors as a fully staffed middle school September 2012. Within three years’ enrollment grew from 12 students to 75 students.  The creation of the middle school was in direct response to a need to provide a NJ State accredited program for students, grades 5-8, whose needs could not be met in the larger public middle school setting.

Collier Middle School, was built upon the belief that younger students needed a safe and nurturing environment with an emphasis on educational excellence.  

The original community of learners believed that respect, dignity and, kindness were essential values on which a middle school student could grow.   These same beliefs continue to the present.

The growth of Collier Middle School is an example of what can happen when good people gather to form community.  We continue to aspire to follow our four core behaviors:  safety, kindness, respect and responsibility each and every day. We strive to prepare our students for success in the 21st Century.

Throughout the history of Collier Middle School, the staff remains committed to providing a rewarding educational experience for the students through its array of instructional and therapeutic services built on research-based practices. In addition, the staff values and encourages partnership and understands the role partnership has on fostering a rewarding educational community for the students and families.

Mike Botti, Principal
Anne Benoit, Vice Principal

Collier Middle School