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At the heart of Collier Middle School's program is a belief in the inherent worth of the individual and a belief in the capacity for personal change. Through quality education and therapeutic support,students come to experience themselves as caring, talented, and high-achieving individuals.

Nature of the Program
Collier is a state-approved, private, non-profit school for students with disabilities whose needs cannot be met within the public school. 

Students with any of the following symptoms may benefit from the program: 
    ◊ depression 
    ◊ anxiety 
    ◊ poor socialization skills/isolation 
    ◊ oppositional/defiant behavior 
    ◊ discouragement/low motivation 
    ◊ school refusal 
    ◊ mood, attention, or adjustment difficulties

Statement of Purpose
Situated on a 260-acre campus, Collier Middle School welcomes students looking for a place that will delight in their uniqueness and support their desire to make a fresh start. 

Collier is a place where: 
   ◊ every youngster is known and valued 
   ◊ every youngster feels a part of things 
   ◊ every youngster can make a difference 

At Collier, youngsters flourish by: 
   ◊ succeeding in academics 
   ◊ developing friendships 
   ◊ participating in sports & clubs 
   ◊ working with the less fortunate in nursing homes, food pantries, and special schools 
   ◊ showcasing their talents in musical, drama, and fashion shows 
   ◊ forming meaningful relationships with teachers, administrators, and other staff

Collier provides an environment where children thrive due to high staff-to-student ratio, a vibrant academic program, and the support of a fully-staffed social services department.