Mr. Phillips-Page

Mr. Dean Phillips-Page
Teacher of Social Studies

732-946-4771 ext 212

     I have been working with students at Collier Middle School since 2013. I hold an M.S. in Educational Psychology from Capella University, a B.A. in Psychology from Whitman College, and am a certified teacher in Elementary Education (K-6), Social Studies (5-8), Language Arts (5-8), Music (K-12), and Psychology (K-12).  For over a decade, I have gained experience teaching both in one-on-one and classroom settings. My work experience includes four years as a private music instructor, three years teaching abroad in South Korea, three years as an instructor and houseparent of students on the autism spectrum in a residential education setting in New Jersey, and four summers working with gifted and talented students at Princeton University. My students in the past have had a wide range of abilities and ages, ranging from preschool to adult learners. My perspective has become informed by observing many of the various starting points from which the intellect can be compelled to suddenly spring forward.